Reclaimed Bricks Wolverhampton

Reclamation Wood, Fireplaces and Reclaimed Bricks in Wolverhampton

Reclamation Yard for Building Supplies, Wood, Fireplaces and Reclaimed Bricks in Wolverhampton discussed by Jim Wise Reclamation.

At reclamation yards, you can acquire natural stone, slate, bricks or timber for construction projects which need an authentic appearance, for smaller sized projects you can replace damaged or missing items or if you would like to be more environmentally friendly you can up-cycle raw materials. From our reclamation yard in Staffordshire, you can view, choose and purchase any reclaimed supplies from our website and have them delivered to your home or site anywhere in the UK. Take a look here or give us a call on 01782 790 576.

Older buildings often have wonderful contents, as an example, wood supports, metallic features and lots of bricks. If this type of material is maintained correctly, it can be recycled in new and older homes and fix fine old buildings. An aged or period house looks so much better when authentic materials, matching the specific period, are used instead of present day material.

For this reason, the first choice when you are starting your repair work should be a reclamation yard. If restoring an “old property”, period property or listed/graded building, then the reclamation yard may have the types of things you need to complete the project with traditional materials which are consistent with the structure.

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