Reclamation Manchester

Reclamation Manchester – Your Guide To Reclaimed Building Materials

Where do I find reclaimed goods?

Reclamation ManchesterThe best place to get any reclaimed material is from a demolition contractors reclamation yard, such as Jim Wise Reclamation. Jim Wise Demolition has a sister company who carefully take down buildings so that their materials can be sold and re-used. If you are looking for Affordable Reclamation in Manchester, Jim Wise discuss their Reclamation Yard & Reclaimed Building Materials.

As one of the largest and most trustworthy demolition contractors in the UK, we complete many demolition projects, transporting only the best materials to the Jim Wise Reclamation Yard for sale to public and trade alike. From our reclamation yard in Stoke-on-Trent, we supply reclaimed timber, tiles, wood, beams, bricks, chimney pots and more all over the UK.

So why use reclamation?

The building industry has a massive impact on the environment in terms of energy consumption, use of natural resources, pollution and waste. Each year in the UK, the costs associated with the extraction, production, manufacture and transportation of building materials are immense. Using reclaimed materials can significantly reduce environmental impacts. The building industry could save up to 95% of the embodied costs by preventing the unnecessary production of new materials, and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. But, according to a recent government study, only 1% of reclaimed materials are used in new building projects.

What reclaimed products do you offer?

Reclaimed bricks: Predominately sourced from North West & via our sister company Jim Wise Demolition, our reclaimed bricks are sorted and professionally cleaned. With over 25 years’ experience, we will be happy to help with any queries.

Reclaimed Oak Wood Beams: Our oak beams are salvaged from English barns and houses, we only save the finest. Used either structurally in roofs or cosmetically above fireplaces, we offer a service to clean and finish to your taste. including cleaning old pieces of oak to transform them into a readymade mantle. Each beam has been treated for infestation and waxed ready to pick up and fit straight into your fireplace. Look around our custom-made showroom to find a variety of mantels.
Reclaimed Natural Stone: Used for new flooring in a bathroom or even an outside patio, the options are limitless as is the choice when you visit our reclamation yard.

Reclaimed Stone: Garden or courtyards are just one of the paces in the home to use reclamation stone. Build walls or new structures to complement the existing style. Visit our reclamation yard to discover the options available.

Reclaimed Tile & Slate: If you need a replacement tile, we will do our very best to match your current tile for you, avoiding a costly entire replacement. Jim Wise Reclamation has a vast number of often discontinued roof tiles and pantiles.

Reclaimed Wooden Floors: The reason reclaimed wooden flooring is stronger and will last longer than flooring produced from newer timber, is because the older wood is less likely to split. The reason for this is that it’s been exposed to hot and cold atmospheres for so long that it’s already done all the expanding and contracting it needs to and is less inclined to warp. The grain in the reclaimed timber is also much denser than the new wood.

Reclaimed Sleepers: We stock reclaimed and newly treated sleepers and sell from 1 sleeper up to 250 sleepers at a Reclamation In Manchestertime. Originally used on the railway to level and secure the tracks, once a sleeper’s life span has been used they are surplus to Network Rail’s requirements. Due to their size and weight they are commonly used for retaining walls, sleepers’ bays, edgings and vegetable patches.

Reclaimed Quarry Tiles: Reclaimed quarry tiles are our most popular and most demanded item. We grade each one to ensure it has no chips or defects.

Jim Wise Reclamation ensure that not only are you getting something of quality and value but you’re also helping to protect the environment as all our products have been recovered and saved from the landfill, many from our own demolitions. This allows us to offer you the most competitive prices on the market! Call us today on 01782790576 or visit our website for more information – Reclamation in Manchester