Reclamation Yard and Reclaimed Building Materials in Cheshire

Reclamation yards, here you can buy natural stone, slate, bricks or solid wood for building jobs that want an authentic appearance, for smaller projects replacing damaged or missing items or where you want to be a little more eco-friendly by up-cycling raw materials. From our reclamation yard in Staffordshire, you can select and purchase online any reclaimed products and also have them sent to your house or site in Cheshire.

Numerous older structures are going to have wonderful content, for instance, wood supports, metallic features and lots of bricks. If this type of material is cared for the in right way, it could be reused throughout new homes as well as restoring fine old buildings. An aged or period house looks so much better when authentic material, matching the specific period, is used instead of modern day material.

For this reason, the first option when you are conducting repair work should certainly be a reclamation yard in Cheshire or one that delivers to Cheshire, such as Jim Wise. If repairing an “old property”, period home or listed/ graded construction, then a reclamation yard might have the type of material you need to complete the project with traditional components which are in line with the property.

Exactly where do the supplies originate from?

Jim Wise Reclamation is a sister company of Jim Wise Demolition. We are one of the largest and most trusted demolition contractors in the United Kingdom. We complete a huge number of demolition assignments of offices and homes, in any given year. Numerous architectural structures packed with fantastic components which can be reused. As we are the contractor and demolition project manager, we can be certain that only the best components are saved, and ensure they’re looked after until delivered to the reclamation yard. We then pass the highest-quality components to Jim Wise Reclamation for sale to the trade and public.

Reclaimed Natural Stone

People use reclamation natural stone for putting together new floor coverings for a bathroom or cooking area, or the terrace; they can be used for building a new wall structure or edges around the garden or even for constructing new buildings. By going to a reclamation yard you can see precisely what they have got available plus the prices; allowing you to decided upon the type of natural stone, slate or solid timber you would like to buy.

Making use of reclamation stone to style and furnish your home and its surrounding area is definitely an affordable and in addition sensible option, for every home owner. When you go to a reclamation yard, you will be able to search through a large number of various products that you can make use of anywhere in your own home, both inside and outdoors. Jim Wise Reclamation provide you with the option of picking out and purchasing our reclaimed stone on the internet and have it delivered to Cheshire.

Making use of reclaimed stone means that you can complement existing stone in or around the house or allows you to build a new structure that is instantaneously “aged” and in keeping with the rest of the property. As well as a cost saving against the equivalent materials as new, making use of reclaimed resources is much better for the environment.

Where can I use reclaimed stone?

There are plenty of locations at your home where reclamation stones may be placed. They can be positioned in the garden or courtyard. They can be used to restore walls or to build new structures – creating a natural and matching colour and style from the day they are installed.

The possibilities are nearly limitless, so it is advised to check out a reclamation yard to completely comprehend the options available to you.

Reclamation Tiles & Slates

Many of roofing tiles and pantiles used on rooftops are no longer produced. Modern- day techniques for mass manufacturing tiles with machine production means there are millions of roofing tiles in use in the UK in which the roofing tile has been discontinued. When substitutes are needed, the property owner has very few alternatives – either exchange all the tiles or locate used and aged roofing tiles or slates. Jim Wise Reclamation has a large number of diverse tiles, slates and pantiles in stock and we will do our best to match your needs. At Present, we’ve in excess of one million in stock.

Reclaimed Brick

We have a large stock of reclaimed bricks. Mostly from across the North-West UK and so we have many commonplace colours from that area, including Cheshire. Additionally, we have numerous obscure coloured bricks. With the selection and cleaning of these bricks being performed by just one company, they’re of the highest quality.

Reclaimed Stonewalling

Reclamation yard and reclaimed bricks CheshireWell before bricks were utilised, the UK houses and walls were constructed with sandstone. Each block produced by hand by skilled stone masons. Because of the beauty of this natural stone, there’s been an upsurge in its use recently. We resource and sell local stone, and also have an enormous stock of “Cheshire Red” and “Macclesfield stone”, nevertheless, we are able to usually source colours and stone to match your local area.

Reclaimed Wall Copings

We stock an enormous inventory of wall copings of most shapes and pitches in the most often utilised materials of clay, sandstone or concrete.

Reclaimed Solid Oak Beams

Nearly all of our oak beams are recovered and reclaimed from English barns and period homes. We market our beams separately and they’re all priced according to their cubic feet. They are placed in a dry and secure “shed” making sure they continue to be at the maximum- quality.

Reclaimed Oak Wood Mantels

Along with oak beams we have a massive supply of oak wood mantels which are becoming extremely popular as lintels over log burners. An oak wood mantel creates an ageless feature in almost any room that is pleasing to the eye.

Reclaimed Wooden Floors

We are able to source a variety of reclaimed flooring surfaces for your home or office which include Victorian pine, English and French oak wood floors, parquet flooring and maple strips. We provide all of this flooring in several lengths and thickness. The flooring is great if you wish to lay down a floor that looks hundreds of years old or could be sanded and cleaned to produce a new floor of the highest quality.

Reclaimed York Stone Pavers

York stone in commonly seen in heritage towns, in places of worship and mills. Our reclaimed York stone is over 100 years old and when installed it has the authenticity of its mature years.

Reclaimed Quarry Tiles

One of our most in-demand selling items is our reclaimed quarry tiles. Every tile is graded to ensure that it’s not cracked or defective. Regardless if you are changing a damaged tile or laying a “new floor” we’ve the high-quality reclaimed tiles you need.

Recycled Cobbles & Setts

Cobbles and setts were used throughout the United Kingdom to pave the streets of the nation in Georgian and Victorian times. As a result of depth and quality of the setts, they are ideal for building colourful driveways and edging pieces in landscapes.

Recycled Brick and Tile Matching Services

We understand how difficult it can be to get the correct brick and tile match for old properties with different sizes, colours and age. Matching bricks and tiles is not as easy as a lot of people believe.

So simply send us a photo, of what you’re looking to match along with the dimensions and amount required. We will check our stock and demolition sites for a perfect match up. We will then e-mail back photos with cost and quantities available.

Jim Wise Reclamation are passionate about re-using the high- quality materials of yesteryear. In the event you have a need for any recycled building materials please contact head office. From our reclamation yard in Staffordshire, we can easily supply the whole of the United Kingdom which includes Cheshire.

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