If you are looking for Reclamation Wolverhampton – Jim Wise discuss their Reclamation Yard and Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclamation WolverhamptonIf you are building a new property or converting an existing one then a reclamation yard is what you are looking for. Jim Wise Reclamation holds millions of stock of quality resources which you can view at our reclamation yard in Staffordshire or online and we can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK. If you are looking for Reclamation in Wolverhampton then give us a call on 01782 790 576  and one of the team will be happy to help.

Our Reclaimed Brick and Tile Matching Services

We understand how challenging it usually is to get the right brick and tile match up for older properties with various sizes, colours and age. Bricks and tiles aren’t as simple as lots of people believe. So simply send us a picture, of what you are wanting to match along with the size and amount needed. We’ll check our stock and demolition sites for a perfect match and will then e-mail back photos with the price and volumes available

Materials and Resources

Reclamation yards acquire natural stone, slate, bricks, tiles or solid wood for building projects which need a genuine look, for smaller sized jobs exchanging broken or missing items or where you wish to be a little more eco-friendly by up-cycling materials. From our reclamation yard in Staffordshire, you can view and purchase online any of our reclaimed supplies and have them delivered to your home or site in Wolverhampton or anywhere in the UK.

Older properties tend to have wonderful content and features, for example, wood supports, metallic features and a lot of brick. If this type of material is maintained properly, it can be reused throughout new homes and in can fix fine old buildings. A vintage or period house looks a great deal better when legitimate materials are used, complementing the particular period instead of present day materials or resources.

For that reason, the first choice when you are carrying out repair work should really be a reclamation yard. If you are restoring an “old property”, period property or listed/graded building, then the reclamation yard would have the type of material you need to complete your project with materials which are consistent with the age and character.

Where do the items come from?

Jim Wise Reclamation is a sister company of Jim Wise Demolition. We are among the largest and most trustworthy demolition contractors in the United Kingdom. We complete a huge number of demolition projects of workplaces and houses, in any given year. Numerous buildings filled with wonderful resources that can be used again. As we are the contractor and demolition project manager, we can ensure that just the best materials are saved, and they are then transported to Jim Wise Reclamation Yard for sale to the trade and public.

Reclaimed Natural Stone

People utilise reclamation stone for putting together new flooring for a bathroom, kitchen area, or maybe an outdoor patio; they can be used for constructing a new wall structure or edges around the garden or even for building completely new structures. By visiting a reclamation yard you will see precisely what they have got available as well as the costs; enabling you to decide upon the type of natural stone, slate or solid wood you would like to buy.

Using reclamation stone to style and furnish your property is definitely an affordable and practical choice for each and every homeowner. Once you go to a reclamation yard, you will be able to search through a large number of different products that you can make use of anywhere in your own home, both inside and out.

Using reclaimed stone means that you can match up the current stone in or around your house or property which enables you to build a new construction that is immediately “aged” and in keeping with the remainder of your home. As well as cost saving against the equivalent materials as new, making use of reclaimed resources is much better for the environment.

Where can I use reclaimed stone?

There are plenty of places in your home where reclamation stones can be placed. They can be positioned in a garden or courtyard. They may be used to restore walls or to build new structures, creating a natural and complementing colour and style from the day they’re set.

The possibilities are unlimited, so we recommended you check out our reclamation yard to completely comprehend the options available to you.

Reclamation Tiles & Slates

A lot of roof tiles and pantiles used on roofs are no longer manufactured. Modern day techniques for mass manufacturing tiles with machine production means there are many roofing tiles in use in the UK where the roof tile has now been discontinued. When substitutes are needed, the homeowner has very few possibilities – perhaps exchange all the tiles or locate used and aged roof tiles or slates. Jim Wise Reclamation has a huge number of diverse tiles, slates and pantiles available and we will do our very best to match your requirements. At present, we have more than one million in stock.

Reclaimed Bricks

We have an enormous inventory of reclaimed bricks. Primarily from across the North West of the UK and so we have a number of commonplace colours from that area and we also have many obscure coloured bricks. With the selection and cleaning of these bricks being done by one business, they’re of the highest quality.

Reclaimed Stonewalling

A long time before bricks were used, UK houses and walls were constructed with sandstone. Every block was produced by hand by skilled stone masons. As a result of the beauty of this stone, there’s been an upsurge in its use in recent times. We source and sell local stone, and have a huge stock of “Cheshire Red” and “Macclesfield stone”, and we are also able to source colours and stone to match your local area.

Reclaimed Wall Copings

We carry a massive stock of wall copings of all shapes and pitches in the most commonly used materials of clay, sandstone or concrete.

Reclaimed Oak Wood Beams

Nearly all of our oak wood beams are recovered and reclaimed from British barns and period properties. We sell our beams separately and they’re all charged depending on their cubic feet. They are placed in a dry and secure “shed” guaranteeing they are always of the highest quality.

Reclaimed Oak Mantels

In addition to oak wood beams, we have a massive supply of oak wood mantels that are becoming very popular as lintels above log burners. A solid oak mantel produces an ageless feature in every room that’s pleasing to the eye.

Reclaimed Wooden Floors

We are able to source a variety of reclaimed flooring surfaces for your property or office which includes Victorian pine, English and French solid oak floors, parquet flooring and maple strips. Our company offers all of this flooring in several lengths and thickness. The flooring is ideal if you wish to lay down a floor that appears centuries old or it can be sanded and cleaned to create a new floor of the highest quality.

Reclaimed York Stone Pavers

York stone is infrequently seen in heritage urban areas, in places of worship and mills. Our reclaimed York stone is over a century old and when set it has the authenticity of its mature years.

Reclaimed Quarry Tiles

One of our most in-demand selling items is our reclaimed quarry tiles. Every tile is graded to ensure that it’s not chipped or defective. Whether you are changing a damaged tile or laying a “new floor”, we’ve the highest quality reclaimed tiles you’ll need.

Recycled Cobbles & Setts

Cobbles and setts were used throughout the United Kingdom to pave the roads of the nation in Georgian and Victorian periods. As a result of depth and quality of the setts, they are ideal for constructing colourful driveways and edging in landscapes.

Jim Wise Reclamation are passionate about re-using the highest quality materials of days gone by. Should you have a need for any Reclamation in Wolverhampton please make contact with us at our head office on 01782 790 576 and one of the team will be happy to help. From our reclamation yard in Staffordshire, we can supply the whole of the United Kingdom.

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